MA Creative Practice

My MA Creative Practice has now come to an end and I am thrilled with the outcome. I received a Distinction for my hard work but that is not the end I know what I did well and I know where I could have done much better. I think that where I could have done better is much more important moving forward because it gives me somewhere to go and something to aim for, a direct path ahead. The Distinction is what I hoped for and what I needed to give me a solid foundation and the confidence to try harder and enjoy my next stage of progress driven by self motivation.

Organisation of colours


Looking at my collection of oil paints in a more constructive way. This way I can see where my collection has gaps and today I bought a few new colours for my next project.

These colours may not be in the exact or correct position of the colour wheel but as I gain more understanding and more experience about colour the more I can experiment.

I found that laying these paints out in such a way has helped me visualise where they are on the colour wheel which will hopefully help when choosing which colour to use next.


Everywhere I look there are amazing people to paint. I can’t always take their photograph and I don’t always carry a sketchbook around with me. I just hope I can remember enough about them to paint them and make an impression of their personality.

This man is almost a daily sight in Richmond Upon Thames and I have been thinking about him for months. I took this photograph when I saw him the second time because of how much he reminds me of a Lowry figure. I couldnt wait to paint him . The image I had of him is a different one now though! I looked at the photograph in more detail ! I looked at the photograph and saw something different. The imagination is wild. What do you see?

Reflections of my MA Creative Practice.

Now that I am no longer on my MA Creative Practice and waiting for my results its a good time to catch up on everything that has been left. I have a list! I have a smear test that is a year over due! A mammogram that is 6 months overdue! And I have not been out for walk with the dog for a long time! Its a good job we have a large garden. I have been walking and running round the garden with him. I can now go to the hairdressers! Gardening which has been neglected and meeting my friends for lunch! without rushing or feeling guilty. I can make my favourite chocolate cake! I think it has been so long since I had a baking day!! I can Take my elderly parents out! These are all activities that I have not done. Partly some are due to the restrictions we have had through the pandemic but some are due to not being able to focus or relax on other non essential activities during my MA Creative Practice.

I have created a good work routine and do mot want to loose that. Before I started my MA Creative Practice I would binge paint! I would paint for a couple if days! Tidy up then it would be a few months until I painted again. Now I am making it my business to stay focus and to work everyday. Even if it is only to send out a short blog sketch paint or organise! go to a gallery! read about an artist, buy a new art book, take inspiring photographs! Whatever the challenge I am determined to paint my feelings, life, experiences and hopes and dreams.

My first challenge is to paint the Mayor snd Mayoress as I promised. I have a clear idea of my method and approach so I can’t wait to make a start.

The Great Yorkshire Show

Picked up my greeting cards and post cards yesterday to display and sell at my exhibition at The Great Yorkshire Show. I am very pleased with them as they are small samples of my larger work so they could also be framed.

Almost finished my acrylics painting that I reproduced, It is similar to the original painting I did of The Washburn Valley which is hanging in Weetons Food Hall Harrogate for the rest of July.

Two paintings of the same view over Washburn Valley. This has taught me that no two paintings are the same even when done by the same artist.

Sometimes a photo will just not download

sometimes a photo just will not download onto WordPress! there are several ways I have learnt over the last two years how to get images onto WordPress.

one is to take a photograph on your phone and download it straight onto a blog like this !

That is what I have been doing. But its very limiting for my web site, if I want my pages to be stimulating, and creative I need to download more that one at a time to create a block. I have recently learnt that if you go into Media on the menu within WordPress you can download many more images at once which automatically store onto your media library! From there you can select images to put into a block on your pages.

However I do not know why some images are unsupported ! when I have done exactly the same every time.

This is one photograph I just cant seam to get onto my Pages for my Website !

Sketch of the Mayor of Harrogate 2021 whilst at The Great Yorkshire Show.

Adding this to my Media Source

Sketches of The Mayor and Mayoress of Harrogate that I did whilst at The Great Yorkshire Show art exhibition I had on the Wandahome Stand. They are just a quick reminder that I can use alongside photographs I took for their portrait paintings that I am hoping to start after 10th September.

10th September is the day all my Portfolio, Web Site, Blog, Essay and all my evidence has to be handed in then that will be the end of my 2 year Masters Degree. The end of my MA Creative Practice! Looking back I cannot believe how quickly it has gone.