Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

Two steps forward one step back


I have now got Word Press App on my phone. Also PowerPoint App on my phone so I think now I’m slowly getting somewhere. Still a king way to go though with technology. I have a huge list to get to know. Photoshop and illustrator and a website.

Half way through the book I’m reading by Francoise Gilot about her life with Picasso I wanted to have a go at abstracting a portrait. So I took my pencil drawing of my Great Grandmother and inspiration from Picasso’s blue period made a start. I was particularly taken aback regarding a few comments Picasso had made about painting which were in the book! About painting peoples eyes. Of course I knew my eyes are not the same I see them in the mirror every day! But looking at other people’s eyes or face it’s not so obvious. Or should I say to me it wasn’t. I thought it was an unlucky beauty problem! An isssue. A large nose one smaller eye than the other, a double chin!! That sort of thing. Well now I feel empowered that Picasso has talked about it and made reference to it in a lot of his paintings abstracting the eyes. I had a great feeling of freedom when painting this portrait.

It was hard work finding the right blues but after several attempts I think I got a good collection. the colours of blue above I loved. The ones below I didn’t after painting all these blues I then had a great idea to use them for small sketches of people! Inspired by Lowry! So I’m hoping to go out into HARROGATE soon! Sketch people come back and paint them on these for practice pieces. Can’t wait

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