Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

Two steps forward one step back


I was so scared on 20th November to talk about my Proposal for the forthcoming year of my MA Creative Practice. I didn’t really now what to expect of myself. I felt I had prepared what I had wanted to say and I felt ok in my practice as I did over run. I thought I would freeze up and rush through the real thing so thought if I kept talking that was a good thing. On the night the timer was not working apparently but if I’m honest although I knew it was there I didn’t watch it anyway. I think I was so nervous I had too much to take in all at once. I talked about how I felt like an artist even though I don’t know how that should feel! I kind of just know! I talked about the importance of negative comments which are made in the past that I carry with me. Not quite sure if I managed to explain myself properly. I talked about pushing to get into University and the struggle to get there. I talked about my influences at University and coming out with my stained glass experience and commissions. I talked about loosing my second son because it had an impact on my reasons for choosing to paint instead of continuing with glass. It was also important to explain that I wish to find other people’s stories of grief that I can then paint a kind of biography maybe through a landscapes and portraits. Choosing the past in particular and local locations such as Fewston and HARROGATE as this is where some of my ancestors lived and died and I already know some of their stories. I’m not sure if I made this easy to understand. I also talked about how important it was for me to be creative.

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