Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

Van Gogh Installation

January 2020

I was so pleased to be able to visit the Van Gogh Installation in January at St Mary’s Church in York. I took my Son and Daughter as I have been involving them in my MA by taking them to as May exhibitions as possible over the Christmas break, and as my son is now studying at University near London it’s given me another excuse to go further afield to more exhibitions. They were a bit confused at first as the church was full of deckchairs . I told them to relax in the chairs, not think too much and let the sounds of the French countryside in summer and images of Van Gogh’s paintings entertain you for 45 minutes. The paintings were projected all over the interior of the church with movement. Van Gogh’s quotes were occasionally heard and projected on the walls. I found the whole experience entertaining and relaxing. I would thoroughly recommend it although it was very expensive.

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