Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

Pea soup

13th February 2020

Ever heard the expression; “pea soup.” I love it both in reality as a soup and in a term for a weather condition. Calling this landscape painting pea soup. I used 3 oil colours to experiment with.

Under painting white

Yellow green

Lamp black

I thought the yellow green was too bright to start with but I enjoyed seeing what happened to it as I mixed it straight on to the board. I enjoy mixing large quantities of paint, as I have more space to see its affects. I have tried mixing small amounts of colour as small experiments but I’ve found out it’s not just about the colour it’s about what happens to the paint during the point at which it meets the board and the completed colour I’m looking for, and what happens after if I keep going. I liked the lamp black I used, it had a matter finish and greyer tones. I found pleasure in looking at what I had achieved and as the paint settled I found it important and significant that my imagination created the details that weren’t there.

My first experiment of a local landscape which I worked on earlier was a disappointment to me, I didn’t want detail and I didn’t want realism. I had taken several photographs of the area and used one from that collection for inspiration.

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