Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

lacking in ability lacking in confidence

When I start a painting I have full hopes that I am going to achieve something great. Occasionally for a few minutes I’m happy with my achievement but then I question my technique, I question my ability and everything about the painting. I generally put it to one side until I think. Think is it worth continuing with? During that process I have usually panicked about how much work I need to do to improve so I move on. But I keep going back to it and questioning myself. I sometimes get inspiration to move it on but because I am not painting day in day out and have another problems in my life those problems take over and take priority. I am now at this stage with these three paintings.

One response to “lacking in ability lacking in confidence”

  1. ANNABEL SMITH avatar

    I really like the 3rd one (green) on this page. It has a balance and flow that is really pleasing.


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