Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

Problems problems problems

Everybody has problems. Every artist I read about has problems or had problems. I’m interested in those. There not excuses there what makes them an interesting person. I have problems getting on with my art work uninterrupted. I’m still trying to finish my book Van Gogh’s Ear by Bernadette Murphy. If it’s not because of my housework, my cooking, my family, my obligations, it’s my laziness or in capability of concentrating. I’m 3/4 of a way through this book and I’m falling asleep after reading every paragraph. That’s not because it’s not interesting. It’s because something is wrong with me. The words on the page and the lines on the page almost hypnotise me and send me to sleep. I am resorting to leaving marks on the page after almost every paragraph so I know where I am. Sometimes I have to read the paragraph again and again. It’s slowing me down and making it very difficult for me to move on before I can write my 6000 word essay. I will get there, I need to finish this book before I can begin the actual content of my essay.

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