Challenging but fun

Having a little difficulty with the angles of the roof tops

Using mainly white, Payne’s grey, yellow ochre and Indian red. it’s very easy to use too much colour. Scraping off the colour and adding white as I think it’s too dark. I have received in the post the 1976 catalogue from the exhibition at the Royal Academy, it’s a second hand book and at £8 I think it’s a bargain. I also got L.S.Lowry 1987 Phaidon, again second hand and really cheap although a lot of the reproduction photographs are in black and white which is a shame.

I must go to Salford when it reopens. I’ve gone online and started the virtual tour. You can get really close up to the paintings and see how thick the paint is.

Published by pamelacravendavies

I’ve always wanted to be an artist for some reason. What ever that means. Perhaps it means being paid to create art or creating art for yourself? I think it would make me happier to paint every day, to loose myself in the process of painting, drawing, making ! Only of course when I am enjoying it and it’s going well! 😇 I like beautiful things around me. I like colour, pattern and texture. I like history, I like to know what has happened in people’s lives, how they have coped with life and what they have done.

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