Ma Creative Practice module 5

After weeks and weeks of deliberation and sketches and ideas I’m making a start on a portrait of the Mayor of Harrogate 2020. I have started using oils with linseed oil to get an idea of scale and shape. I have used yellow Ochre Zinc White and now I am moving on to use Payne’s Grey.

I have tried to stick to my process of looking at one side of the face at a time. I intend to use Harrogate as a background to create a composition. I am also going to restrict myself to 8 hours of painting and time myself. Giving myself twice as long as artists I have watched on the program Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky Arts.

Published by pamelacravendavies

I’ve always wanted to be an artist for some reason. What ever that means. Perhaps it means being paid to create art or creating art for yourself? I think it would make me happier to paint every day, to loose myself in the process of painting, drawing, making ! Only of course when I am enjoying it and it’s going well! 😇 I like beautiful things around me. I like colour, pattern and texture. I like history, I like to know what has happened in people’s lives, how they have coped with life and what they have done.

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