Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

Making Plans for my MA Exhibition

I have had a few ideas run through my head for exhibiting and each venue I think of I think of different art work to show. I think that is because I want my art to reflect and be relevant to the place.

I started off by contacting the Washburn Heritage Centre. A friend of the family is an artist and has exhibited there and my families ancestors are buried in the grave yard at Fewston Church which is where the Heritage Centre is. My ancestors had land around Fewston and awned one of the mills there. Our family tree runs back to 1600 in the area which is all very interesting. I thought that would be a good location because of the connections.

After introducing myself before COVID in 2019 and contacting them again this year to ask if they have availability to show my work they have decided they do not wish to have short pop up exhibitions.

So I put that out of my mind and started thinking of other venues. The MA students showed their work last year at the Victoria Shopping Centre and I have been made aware that there may be a possibility to have a group show there again. So I have made contact with the relevant person and awaiting a response.

Meanwhile I have been thinking of alternatives but alternatives are now turning into additional spaces to have several exhibitions running along side each other or after another depending how the dates play out.

I have been thinking about the people I know and where else I could exhibit. I have connection with people that own shops and businesses and thought about approaching them. As I thought about who to approach I imagined my art work in each individual space and my taste style and subject matter changed depending on the space and venue. I think because my degree was in art for community and public art and site specific art My art work reflects the space. Which is interesting and exciting because it gives me fresh ideas and energy. The only issue is it doesn’t give me long to create my art for the space.

One idea that is starting to finalise is the opportunity to show my art work at The Great Yorkshire Show within an existing business already organised to show there. This opportunity would be great for a solo exhibition of my landscape sketches and paintings of Yorkshire. The space is a large marquee and I can take over 2x 4metre hanging spaces. I can provide cold drinks, hot drinks, alcohol and nibbles for my guests. The show would be on for 3 days and I would have a few days before to set up.

I am hoping to be involved by showing one landscape painting in an exhibition at Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre. There maybe an opportunity to do a micro residency within their gardens which would be amazing as I am interested in artists and their gardens and I think I could give a lot to this opportunity and that might lead to being in the FEVA in Knaresborough.

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