Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

MA Creative Practice

My MA Creative Practice has now come to an end and I am thrilled with the outcome. I received a Distinction for my hard work but that is not the end I know what I did well and I know where I could have done much better. I think that where I could have done better is much more important moving forward because it gives me somewhere to go and something to aim for, a direct path ahead. The Distinction is what I hoped for and what I needed to give me a solid foundation and the confidence to try harder and enjoy my next stage of progress driven by self motivation.

2 responses to “MA Creative Practice”

  1. So so proud of you. So looking forward to seeing where you go next on your creative journey. Will be supporting you all the way…


    1. thank you so much for your lovely comments.


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