Sometimes a photo will just not download

sometimes a photo just will not download onto WordPress! there are several ways I have learnt over the last two years how to get images onto WordPress. one is to take a photograph on your phone and download it straight onto a blog like this ! That is what I have been doing. But itsContinue reading “Sometimes a photo will just not download”

Sketch of the Mayor of Harrogate 2021 whilst at The Great Yorkshire Show.

Adding this to my Media Source Sketches of The Mayor and Mayoress of Harrogate that I did whilst at The Great Yorkshire Show art exhibition I had on the Wandahome Stand. They are just a quick reminder that I can use alongside photographs I took for their portrait paintings that I am hoping to startContinue reading “Sketch of the Mayor of Harrogate 2021 whilst at The Great Yorkshire Show.”

My Great Yorkshire Show Exhibition 2021

Highlights of my Art Exhibition. Meeting the Mayor and Mayoress of Harrogate 2021 and discussing art and getting to know them. Having an opportunity to sit down and sketch them both for studies for a later painting I hope to present to them. Showing some of my portraits and local landscape paintings whilst continuing withContinue reading “My Great Yorkshire Show Exhibition 2021”