Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.


  • Weetons Exhibition

    June July August and September My Methods of working towards a collection of local landscape paintings. Brimham Rocks in the Yorkshire Dales. Sketching, taking photos, walking, talking and drawing and painting plein air at Brimham Rocks

  • Bio

    Changed my Bio slightly for Weetons Food Hall. My paintings are still on the walls and have now been there for all of June July and August. I feel very privileged to have had such a great opportunity to show my work there.

  • Art Cupboard

    I don’t like my art materials and work half finished put away in a cupboard like this. I feel like it is putting it all out of reach creatively. Non creative people do not understand all of this is a source of inspiration. I long for the day I can have a studio of my…

  • Studio Eviction

    Yet again I am on the move. It used to be in my personal life I moved counties, countries, homes and now its studios. I understand loss! and I don’t like change because I have had so much of it in my past. But I have been evicted out of my home studio at home…

  • New Pencils for my sketch books

    Buying new art equipment is so exciting. I bought some new coloursoft and inktense pencils to use in my sketchbook. I wanted something that was cleaner to use than pastels so I could sketch on the train or whilst on a walk etc. Now having so much fun jotting down my ideas. Not sure if…

  • 22nd July

    Set off early this morning to pick up one of my large paintings from Weetons. I felt that the final exhibition needed it. It’s an example of how I jumped from one idea to another.

  • The Great Yorkshire Show

    The build up for my small solo exhibition at The Great Yorkshire Show Stand 433 at Wandahome. The marque is now being put up approximately 6m sq. The lads have been great pulling together at short notice after the other firm we booked cancelled due to COVID. So I am very lucky. Also the big…

  • The Great Yorkshire Show

    Got my frames delivered and packed some of my drawings ready to hang !

  • The Great Yorkshire Show

    Deciding where the marque is going on our Wandahome stand No 433 . We had to decide where the motorhomes would go and where the doors of the marque were going to be and where my paintings would hang and where the kitchen would be. Made a Waitrose food order to arrive Monday morning so…

  • The Great Yorkshire Show Base layer! Under Layer of a painting

    Putting into practice what I have learnt over the last 18 months of my MA Using acrylics this time instead of oils. I want to recreate paintings I have already painted in oils and that are on show at Weetons to show at my exhibition at the Great Yorkshire Show. I am learning every time…