I spend a lot of time thinking about my art, what I am going to paint and how. I also imagine myself painting and day dream about it. I think about all the paintings I want to paint but sometimes life gets in the way. I find myself spending far too much time thinking about my life and things that are wrong. I am too busy trying to calm my feelings down and rationalise my life and it’s problems. I spend time dreaming up situations that make me feel better. But then another day has gone by without even physically picking up a brush.

My approach to painting

I still don’t think I have found my approach to painting. I still have to destroy a painting a couple of times and bring it back again before I am happy with it. I thought I could approach my painting in a similar way to baking with a set recipe but as I am trying this I am still confronted with not knowing what I am actually going to achieve.

Work in progress

Light through the trees on the stray
Scrapped away to try and destroy what I had done without losing the paint
Reverting back to my yellow again! Leaving it to dry now and see how I feel about it in the morning


Every painting is unique! I have practiced with this painting for a long time changing my mind on how to apply the paint. Firstly I used gouache on canvas and I wasn’t really happy with the appearance once it had dried. I talked about this in a previous post. It kind of dried dull and for this particular painting I wanted it to glow. It has changed dramatically and I wanted the paint to Glow like the countryside around me on a particular evening. The evening for me is such a special time when you see the sun go down at the end of the day and the shadows are long. Thinking about time passing. The shadows are the last to go.

The Road to Tomorrow looking towards Lower Washburn Valley Yorkshire

Working in watercolour and pastas and pen

Really enjoyed working in watercolour but I can see my angles are wrong.
Used pen to change the angles a little
Added some stronger colour by using less water on my brush
Still not happy with the angles so blocked the problem areas with more colour
Added white pastel. Couldn’t wait for the paint to dry so added the pasta to wet paint
Added pen again to create darkness and a sharpness to the windows and the house in the distance. Feel better about the angles but now I think the tree above needs to be darker before I have finished.

14th February

Portrait and self-portrait . Thinking about the two sides of the face being different and how it gives me a great starting point and approach to painting portraits

After Picasso’s Portrait of Francoise Gilot ! My gouache interpretation in my sketchbook today
My Self-Portrait

Thinking about the line of the pen and the dots it makes when I stop for just a second to think. Really liked that aspect of working with these Windsor and Newton water colour markers.