Family Portrait

Really enjoyed this oil painting of my son. It took me about 3 hours to complete but have to leave it to dry now. I don’t want to spoil it or loose any of the likeness to try and gain more of a likeness. It’s a difficult thing to do to know when to stop.

It’s good practice to do portraiture. It is teaching me to look, to observe and to keep going. Each time I do a portrait I get a little more confident. I gave not tried doing a full portrait yet with clothes or interiors or a still life. I think that is going to be my next challenge. there is so much to work on I can’t wait to get started.

Having graduated 20 years ago and only doing my MA is difficult because I feel I have 20 years of catching up to do. Not only that I didn’t go to university till I was 27 so there is another 7 years catching up to do at least. When I left school in 1986 the careers advisor asked me what I wanted to be. And I said an artist. His response was why ? Do you want to end up like Van Gogh ! If I had said yes I wonder where I would be now? So I have 27 years to make up for lost time! Getting to know more about other artists, their work and move my art forward. I feel I’m going as fast as I can at the moment but I want to do more and go faster ! I’m buying lots of second hand cheap books to make a collection of what I could have had by now!!

Experimenting with sketches from my sketchbook
Unfinished. Using my sketchbook as inspiration to find more landscapes from one sketch idea.

The snow in the trees has inspired me to think about white . I still have to put the branches in but I worked this backwards. Starting with white snow then the brown and green for the tree trunks then black for the night sky. This painting is in oils so I had to stop there! It was beginning to get too thick. So I have left it to dry for a couple of days at least I think.
Photograph from my garden last night

Landscapes in green and yellow

Reproducing landscape ideas from one sketch ! First photocopying the original then using different colour gouache to create different moods

What I find interesting about myself ! If I think I am validated in my ideas I suddenly have more ideas and confidence for a while to experiment more freely.

After completing a days sketchbook workshop last year at Lund Studios in Easingwold Graham Sutherlands name was mentioned after I had produced some work. How could I possibly not have known who he was. This is the whole point of this MA Creative Practice. It is opening up a completely new world to me. I’m learning about artist after artist after artist. Somehow or another a lot of them have connections to each other. Once I start investigating and studying I unearth so many interesting facts and details.

Reading about how Graham Sutherland met Picasso on several occasions and even bought a property close by on the French Riviera. Like so many artists do! Me included but it’s only a caravan. But still it means I have a connection with the place and can visit in the holiday season.

Graham Sutherland has a lot to say about Picasso do I will be studying this in much more detail.

After learning more about Graham Sutherland I am practicing some of my own landscapes with a freedom I didn’t have before seeing his work. They are slightly more surrealist and leave me fighting trying to recognise the original.

Experimenting with forms in nature.

Using ink and charcoal and gouache

Playing around with shapes made by using black ink with a Chinese brush I bought many years ago from China! I’m amazed I haven’t lost it or ruined it by now. It has a certain characteristic of its own and my use of one of my favourite colours yellow richer. My apron is the same colour
Even my kitchen and work space is the same colour. I just can’t get enough of it

Still here at the Victoria Shopping Centre Harrogate

Some of my work has been sold. The exhibition has been very successful and Thankyou to everyone who has bought a piece of my work and helped to put the exhibition together

I have made 4 more sketches of Ilkley Moor. These sketches have been very popular.

I think the colours I used for the exhibition were consistent, the muted tones of greens and blues brought the collection together

Prompt 2

The fallen leaves on the ground look beautiful at this time of year but we have an urge to sweep them up like rubbish! I thought I was going to make something beautiful but I just made a mess! and that made me realise I’m going to leave my leaves on the ground in my garden for a sling as possible because they are a beautiful mess!