New Pencils for my sketch books

Buying new art equipment is so exciting. I bought some new coloursoft and inktense pencils to use in my sketchbook. I wanted something that was cleaner to use than pastels so I could sketch on the train or whilst on a walk etc. Now having so much fun jotting down my ideas. Not sure if they will become paintings or not but the point being these pencils have given me a new medium to use on the go in a moments notice.

just the initial shapes for a later painting.

Gossiping under the Tree

Tooth ache

Enjoyed the angle of this facial expression.

Idle Chit Chat

Another idea about idle chit chat and people with two faces!! an expression used by my daughter many years ago when I said someone who is two faced can say mean things! she thought it meant someone had two faces!!

The Great Yorkshire Show

The build up for my small solo exhibition at The Great Yorkshire Show Stand 433 at Wandahome.

The marque is now being put up approximately 6m sq. The lads have been great pulling together at short notice after the other firm we booked cancelled due to COVID. So I am very lucky.

Also the big wheel is still going ahead! We thought they had pulled out because of COVID so we have a great location.

The lads have put wire all around the inside of the marque so I can hand white sheets or the hessian I bought from Amazon. I will have a look at both and choose which one I want to use. The decision might be influenced by the weight.

I have also ordered 2 pink bunting to go in the inside roof of the marque. Pink because Wandahome staff all wear pink shirts. I have also ordered some pink aprons and some hygiene gloves as I will be preparing food and drinks and serving refreshments. I think it’s going to look really good I can’t wait.

The Great Yorkshire Show

Deciding where the marque is going on our Wandahome stand No 433 . We had to decide where the motorhomes would go and where the doors of the marque were going to be and where my paintings would hang and where the kitchen would be.

Our Wandahome Stand 433
Bringing Motorhomes from Hull each day until we have enough to create a good display
Deciding where to put the Marque. It arrives on Saturday.

Made a Waitrose food order to arrive Monday morning so I can provide drinks and lunch for Wandahome staff and drinks and snacks for customers.

The Great Yorkshire Show Base layer! Under Layer of a painting

Putting into practice what I have learnt over the last 18 months of my MA

Using acrylics this time instead of oils. I want to recreate paintings I have already painted in oils and that are on show at Weetons to show at my exhibition at the Great Yorkshire Show. I am learning every time I create a new painting or even talking about painting.

Not resolved yet is a better way to describe a painting that is unfinished and a painting can have many stages and many resolutions.

Thinking about my warm and cool colours and making a conscious choice about which to use and where.

My approach to colour.
My paintings at Weetons

Had a little change around and a fresh update by putting a few more oil paintings up in Weetons Food Hall for my ongoing Exhibition which has been running through June snd now into July. I had help from my Brother in Law John Burnley at 7am this morning. We had one hour until Weetons opened to get my paintings up.

I am really happy with how the paintings look and enjoyed the great feedback I have had from friends and staff.


Today I had a great time looking at the fine art in Sotheby’s. I never knew you could just walk in! I thought it was invitation only, I thought it would be a private view only if you are interested in attending an auction or making a bid. Thank you to the gentleman on the door for inviting me in.

It was interesting to see what art works are privately owned and up for sale, and now it seams obvious to me that it is open to the public. Who else are they going to sell to!!! If ever I win the Lottery I would go back and collect art.

Just a few of my favourites. There were many many more.