Exhibition in Victoria Shopping Centre Harrogate December 10th -19th

Pages from my sketchbook

A selection of sketches from my sketchbook and oil paintings based on my experience of Harrogate life for me.

The oil painting of Gran Kelly depicts the memory of a strong independent women bringing up twin boys on her own at a time unacceptable and her world of poverty in Bradford.

Throughout my childhood I came to Harrogate with my Grandparent and parents. In the 70,s for us it was considered a place of privilege and beauty, full of history and colourful flower displays. Only 3 generations from poverty to privilege in Yorkshire .

What a wonderful opportunity to meet the lovely Mayor of Harrogate and his Consort at the exhibition. Giving them an idea about my work an opportunity and a challenge for me to paint their portraits. Thankyou to you both.

A view from the Stray towards West Park taking in the Victorian Bus Stop Waiting Room
Harrogate Street Lamp
Under the Trees on the Stray
The Park Bench on the Stray
Ilkley Moor
Strid Wood
Ilkley Moor
Trees in the Lakes
The Pump Room
Valley Gardens

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