The Great Yorkshire Show Base layer! Under Layer of a painting

Putting into practice what I have learnt over the last 18 months of my MA

Using acrylics this time instead of oils. I want to recreate paintings I have already painted in oils and that are on show at Weetons to show at my exhibition at the Great Yorkshire Show. I am learning every time I create a new painting or even talking about painting.

Not resolved yet is a better way to describe a painting that is unfinished and a painting can have many stages and many resolutions.

Thinking about my warm and cool colours and making a conscious choice about which to use and where.

My approach to colour.
My paintings at Weetons

Had a little change around and a fresh update by putting a few more oil paintings up in Weetons Food Hall for my ongoing Exhibition which has been running through June snd now into July. I had help from my Brother in Law John Burnley at 7am this morning. We had one hour until Weetons opened to get my paintings up.

I am really happy with how the paintings look and enjoyed the great feedback I have had from friends and staff.


Today I had a great time looking at the fine art in Sotheby’s. I never knew you could just walk in! I thought it was invitation only, I thought it would be a private view only if you are interested in attending an auction or making a bid. Thank you to the gentleman on the door for inviting me in.

It was interesting to see what art works are privately owned and up for sale, and now it seams obvious to me that it is open to the public. Who else are they going to sell to!!! If ever I win the Lottery I would go back and collect art.

Just a few of my favourites. There were many many more.

Additional Advertising

I have been in touch with a local printing company Enid Taylor on Cold Bath Road in Harrogate to print off some greeting cards and post cards. I have chosen my most recent local landscape paintings, with a short bio on the back.

I look forward to receiving them in a couple of weeks so I can sell them at Weetons and The Great Yorkshire Show. I intend to give some away as a complimentary gift! I am starting off with 50 greeting cards of assorted landscape designs.

Masters Exhibition

I have now joined the other students on the MA Creative Practice in an exhibition at the Victoria Shopping Centre running from 22-29 July 2021.

I have been in touch with the Mayors Office and invited the Mayor and Mayoress and waiting a response.

We are group holding meetings each week and minutes are being taken by Cath one of the student and being posted to everyone for referencing

Megan other student has designed the poster and invitations

Douglas has received all our Bios and is putting them together for a catalogue along with the Shadows and Reflections Exhibition that he is hosting at Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre which we are all exhibiting one piece of art.

My Solo Exhibition at Weetons running through June and July 2021

I set everything up on Wednesday 2nd June with the help of John Burnley my Brother in Law. He was a great help and has volunteered to help again next Wednesday 23rd June to have a change over of paintings.

I took my own ladders hammer and nails. I have bought a tool kit with extra nail hooks and a drill so I feel really organised for putting up my own exhibition.