Portfolio Painting Techniques what I have learnt during my MA Creative Practice

Painting Techniques

I like using oils because of their strength of colour and texture they produce.

When working with oils, it is particularly easy to make corrections. I develop the painting as I move the colours about on the canvas and as I change and refine the shapes. Even for a few days this is still possible. Although sometimes you have to be careful you could don’t make changes that you wish you hadn’t made.

I started off painting with a limited colour pallet by using my favourite colours, green, yellow , black and white. Keeping to this colour pallet meant my paintings hang well together.

When thinking about my method and process I thought about how I worked in the kitchen, how I made food and how I cleaned up after myself. I tried to create a similar process for my daily painting routine. The first thing was to have a clear out of all my old paint brushes, throw them away and start again. Making sure I cleaned my new brushes at the end of every painting session. I had ruined so many in the past by not cleaning them.

Then finding somewhere to store them, I bought some cloth paint brush holders and some special soap for cleaning brushes.

I bought several different brushes and a pallet knife. I experimented with the different brush marks they gave me. This helped me develop my painting skills and helped me create a collection of work based around which paint brush and colours I used.

I have always thought wooden painting pallets were the best but again thinking about my methods I realised I did not like cleaning the pallet after every paint sessions, partly because I didn’t want to loose the colours. I tried using disposable paper palettes for the first time and now I will always use them. It means I can keep the colours for ever. I can now keep them as a form of diary organised in their own book.

I have bought myself another easel and an easel box for painting plein air.

Landscapes and Portraits are a timeless source of inspiration.



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