I’ve really enjoyed reading these new books I have bought adding to my collection of Women Artists. Kathe Kollwitz , Dame Laura Knight Portraits, Voyaging Out, British Women Artists from Suffrage to the Sixties, even a book Women who read are dangerous, I thought was an amusing title, but inside its full of beautiful portraits of women reading, and their stories. I think it is going to captivate me for a while. Most recently yesterday I bought a book, The Artists Garden, about the artists at home and at work and the artists community. I could have done with having this before I started my essay. I am not sure if I have enough time now to read it, or include anything from it. I do know that one book is leading to another, as I am finding more and more women artists work that I find so inspiring and thought provoking. I would like to set myself a challenge of producing 100 paintings, no matter how small, one from every inspirational women artist I have been researching, with a short description of why I have been attracted to that particular painting or her life. This challenge will give me an opportunity to experiment with composition, colour, shape and form.

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I’ve always wanted to be an artist for some reason. What ever that means. Perhaps it means being paid to create art or creating art for yourself? I think it would make me happier to paint every day, to loose myself in the process of painting, drawing, making ! Only of course when I am enjoying it and it’s going well! 😇 I like beautiful things around me. I like colour, pattern and texture. I like history, I like to know what has happened in people’s lives, how they have coped with life and what they have done.

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