Pamela Craven Davies

An artist based in North Yorkshire, England, at the moment painting in oils on canvas.

Reflecting on my recent sketchbook work

Whilst working with Derwent Graphite XL sticks and experimenting with shape and forms inspired by trees I had a discussion about wanting to see an image within my abstract forms. We talked about Pareidolia and then discussed Graham Sutherland who I had never heard of before. This conversation came about because of my drawings and wanting to find shapes, faces or human figures within my work. It is interesting what we talk about whilst working.

One of my photographs used as inspiration
one of Graham Sutherland work
Using Graham Sutherland now as a conscious inspiration for colour and freedom to experiment with lines and shapes inspired by a photograph taken last year in the Lake District
Screenshot showing where my inspiration came from mixed with the inspiration from Graham Sutherland

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